Saturday, November 3, 2018
Procter Center

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Constitution and canonical changes

 The Constitution and Canons guide the governance of the diocese. A committee reviews the Constitution and Canons each year and considers whether to propose changes. Proposed amendments may come from any member of the diocese, although the committee requests an opportunity to review the proposal to make sure it abides by wider-church rules. Proposed amendments […]


Pre-convention hearings

All lay and clergy delegates to convention are expected to attend an area pre-convention hearing. This is the only opportunity to have conversation or raise questions about resolutions and the budget. Delegates will also have the opportunity to receive their voting credentials at the meetings. October 7 – St. James, Zanesville; 2 p.m. October 17 […]


Proposing resolutions

Proposing resolutions is a key way for the people of the diocese to discuss and reflect upon issues in the church and beyond. There are a variety of types of resolutions, ranging from those that ask the diocese to take a stand on a particular issue to special observances to calls for commitment to certain […]


2018 offices for nomination

Brief descriptions of the offices accepting nominations at the 144th annual convention Budget Committee members are responsible for preparing and reviewing the annual operating budget of the diocese. Primary work occurs in the spring, with collection and review of budget requests. Diocesan Council, acting as the convention-between-conventions, plays a critical role in the governance of […]


Certifying lay delegates

Certifying the election of your lay delegates is now easier than ever! No more separate forms – just enter the information into your Annual Reporting Form. The annual reporting form streamlines information by combining two previous forms, the Congregational Leadership List and the Certification of Lay Delegates form. The Annual Reporting Form can also be […]