The Rev. Philip-Marshall Wiseman

Please reflect on your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community:

Being a pro bono cleric, I maintained a full-time job and diaconal responsibilities prior to my retirement. Upon my return from a three year job-assignment in China, I have served at St. Anne, West Chester, St. Thomas, Terrace Park and now at our Cathedral. I have been fortunate enough to serve as Convener of the Community of Deacons of this diocese and within the Latino Ministry Commission, so I have been exposed to ministries in several other dioceses and cultures.

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

Since my retirement I have the time to actively pursue participation in the wider Episcopal Church, especially the General Convention next year. My wife has been a Deputy in the past, so I have some experience in the General Convention processes and would attend all possible sessions of interest to our Diocese.