Appointment of Officers of Convention

Convention secretary: Ann Sabo
Recording Secretary: Sherri Martin
Timekeeper: Ann Sabo
Parliamentarian: Eric Landen, Esq.
Chief Teller: Tammie Vanoss
Committee to Approve the Minutes: President of the Trustees of the Diocese, (Jon Boss) President of the Standing Committee (The Rev. Ellen Cook), and the First Vice-Chair of Diocesan Council (David Thomson).

Ratification by Name of those appointments required by Canon

Treasurer: Robert Kranz
Registrar: The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
Finance Committee: Nadya Richardson (chair); Bill Forbes, Carolyn Wilmesherr, Dot Yeager, Doug Langenfeld, Ernest Thompson, Jeff Baldrige, Randy Young and John Harris.  Rob Krantz (Treasurer)
Commission on Congregational Life (COCL) chair: The Rev. Seth Wymer
Dispatch of Business chair: Julie Murray
Provincial Synod Deputies and Alternate Deputies: The Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, Deborah Stokes-Wayne and Miriam McKenney, deputies; The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn and Harold Patrick, alternate deputies.