Voting results

Voting results

Voting results 750 400 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Budget Committee, lay

Kathy Mank (nominated from floor), 3 year term

Diocesan Council, clergy

The Rev. Ruth Paulus, 3 year term

The Rev. William Sangrey, 3 year term

Diocesan Council, lay

Karen Peeler, 3 year term

Eric Schryver, 3 year term

Richard Warren, 3 year term

Clifton Flemister (nominated from floor), 1 year unexpired term

ECSF Board

Michelle Dayton

The Rev. Susan Riis

The Rev. Maggie Leidheiser-Stoddard (nominated from floor)

Standing Committee, clergy

The Rev. Ellen Cook (nominated from floor), 3 year term

Standing Committee, lay

Martha Lentz, 3 year term

Trustee of the Diocese

Jon Boss, 5 year term

Trustee of the Church Foundation

Richard Warren, 5 year term

Disciplinary Board, clergy

The Rev. Heather Wiseman (nominated from floor)

The Rev. Stephen Smith (nominated from floor)

The Rev. Lee Anne Reat (nominated from floor)

Disciplinary Board, lay

Elizabeth Barker (nominated from floor)

Michael Wayne (nominated from floor)

Procter Board of Directors

Amy Dohn Baird, 3 year term

Deputy to General Convention, clergy

1  The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn

2  The Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia

3  The Rev. Paula Jackson

4  The Rev. Jason Prati


1  The Rev. Dick Burnett

2  The Rev. John Agbaje

3  The Rev. Suzanne Levesconte

Deputies to General Convention, lay

1  Cathy Bagot

2  Meghan Western

3  Elizabeth Barker

4  Deborah Stokes


1  Harold Patrick

2  Eric Schryver

3  David Jones


Many elections filed by acclamation. Results of voting can be found at


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