The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn

The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn

The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn 300 300 145th Convention

Honorary Canon, Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

Please reflect on your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community:

For the past seven years, I have served as executive director of Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church with offices in Cincinnati. When I am home from my travels for Forward Movement, I enjoy serving as a non-stipendiary (volunteer) priest at Christ Church Cathedral. There I preach, celebrate, and teach as needed. In our diocese, I have served on the Commission on Ministry, and I now serve as an Examining Chaplain. In 2018 and 2015, I served as Deputy to General Convention for our diocese. With each of these opportunities, I have enjoyed serving with siblings in Christ as together we discern how God is calling our church to act and to respond to the world’s needs.

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

As our beloved Episcopal Church seeks to find its way in this transitional time, leadership is ever more challenging. Were I elected to the Standing Committee, I would work with and support our bishop as we navigate a time in which our church and our world are undergoing rapid change. My experience with Forward Movement in the wider church — traveling constantly and working with dioceses and congregations across the country — could provide successful tactics and strategies that might work in our context. My hope is that we never lose sight of the church’s role as a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, ever growing in our spiritual journey.