Warren Huestis

Warren Huestis

Warren Huestis 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The Rev. Warren Huestis

All Saints, Washington Court House

Nominee for Procter Board of Directors

New to the community and the All Saints Church (as Priest/Pastor) I have worked to grow the church by attending Clergy meetings locally, offering our Fellowship Hall as a safe sanctuary for meetings and gatherings, as well as the media room to use during the pandemic when all other resources were closed. Being a merged church (Lutheran & Episcopal) makes it very interesting and educational. We are, due to the pandemic, not where we had thought we would be at this time. We are attempting to increase numbers and regain those that have not come back since the pandemic by doing exciting things – such as visioning, on line streaming of services, ZOOMing meetings, etc.

I am new to this Diocese and wish to be an active part in God’s plan. I have many qualifications that I can offer; such as computer skills, musical education, teaching His Word, and education from another country – Canada. Being near Procter, I feel I could help with various projects.