Warren Huestis

Warren Huestis

Warren Huestis 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The Rev. Warren Huestis

All Saints, Washington Court House

Nominee for Standing Committee

Since coming to Ohio and this merged congregation, I have had to make many suggestions and decisions as this congregation goes forth. The pandemic happened just as we were getting acquainted with one another – which caused frustration and yet, it caused us to come together and draw on our options. We started streaming our services, which meant to be professional & presentable, we needed to purchase equipment that would do the job. We have several members that have faithfully watched on Sundays while Covid was a huge threat. We have offered the community our resources such as Wi-Fi when the schools were closed. We developed a media room which remains open 10am-5pm daily for school children and adults to use.

I have had to find solutions in the past, where none seemed possible. I feel that I have the expertise from past congregations and certainly have gained knowledge during this past 3 years with Covid closing many avenues.