Nancy Talley

Nancy Talley

Nancy Talley 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Nancy Talley

All Saints, New Albany

Nominee for Diocesan Council

Born an Episcopalian and growing up in Newport News, Virginia, I served as a voting youth Diocesan council member in Diocese of Southern Virginia. I moved to Ohio 15 years ago by way of small towns and small churches in western Virginia and West Virginia and joined All Saints when it still had Mission status.

Our first visit to All Saints, New Albany was the beautiful consecration of the church. It has been a pleasure to watch All Saints grow from mission status to a loving, vibrant, healthy congregation. I helped publish the Church’s newsletter as office volunteer early on and have served as an actively participating delegate to convention for 10+ years. During that time I have watched the Diocese go from economic down turns with financial concerns to the present. I have participated in the different formats of convention and you may recognize me as I move around in my black electric wheelchair.
I have recently retired from education as a past chemistry teacher and most recently as curriculum director for River Valley Local Schools near Marion, Ohio. In the community, I have had numerous educational leadership roles in OHIO ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.)

The Episcopal Church and its members need to reach out to our fellow Ohioans with caring fellowship in these turbulent times. People are suffering, misinformed and need our love and understanding. Our Diocese and our churches can make a difference.

As a lay member of Diocesan Council I can bring my leadership skills of watching, listening, caring, and evaluating all issues brought before Council. I thought for a few years we have gone from Diocesan Conventions which were too long and tedious to our present day conventions which appear structured to limit laity input. I believe I can make a difference in the governance of the Diocese of Southern Ohio and be a voice for all people in the Diocese. I am here to serve with love and dedication.