Miriam McKenney

Miriam McKenney

Miriam McKenney 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Miriam McKenney

Calvary, Cincinnati

Nominee for Lay Deputy to the 81st General Convention
Please describe your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community.

My involvement in the diocese, Calvary Episcopal Church, Becoming Beloved Community, Forward Movement, and the Office of Evangelism at The Episcopal Church share one thing in common: my desire for people to know and follow Jesus. God calls us to spread the gospel’s good news as people of shared faith. I dream that we work together to share God’s love with others in all we do, seven days a week. My most recent work with the Evangelism team is Centered: a lay-led, nine-week small group gathering focused on the life and teachings of Jesus.

I’m very passionate about lay leadership, and I model that passion by serving on the Commission on Ministry, Commission on Congregational Life, and the Bishop’s Nominating Committee. I was a youth minister at Calvary for four years and a Godly Play teacher for several years as my daughters moved through Sunday school. I currently work with the Formation Team as a Becoming Beloved Community co-leader, offering scripture studies, dismantling racism courses, and projects like The Church Cracked Open ‘zine.

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

God calls me to serve as a deputy to General Convention because of my knowledge of the people in this diocese’s strengths, desires, and needs. As a librarian for many years, my focus was the library user. Constantly focusing on the needs of others gives me an inclusive perspective on the issues we face as The Episcopal Church within our diocese and beyond. Where are good works taking place? Who can we observe to identify what we want to happen here in Southern Ohio? How do we share our good news with The Episcopal Church? Whose work is that? It’s all of our work, and as a deputy to General Convention, I will represent this diocese. I attended Ohio University and got to know the area very well. I know the disparities between rural, urban, and rural Appalachian churches. Through our differences, we have our shared faith in common. That faith, and how we express it in Southern Ohio, is what I will bring to the legislative floor of General Convention. Thank you.

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