Lissa Barker

Lissa Barker

Lissa Barker 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Elizabeth (Lissa) Barker

St. Patrick’s, Dublin

Nominee for Regional Disciplinary Board

I am a cradle Episcopalian and served 36 years in the United States Navy. After I retired, I was a Professor of Clinical Nursing at The Ohio State University. I have always been active in the church no matter where I was stationed. Since coming to the Diocese of Southern Ohio, I have served on Diocesan Council (currently 2nd Vice President), Procter Board, the disciplinary board and now the Regional Disciplinary Board. At St. Patrick’s I am in the choir, the Parish Wellness Nurse, a Stephen Minister, EFM mentor and a member of one of our Sacred Circles. I am also a Lay Deputy to General Convention. During my time in the Navy I completed legal training for Executive Officers and Commanding Officers. During my time as a Professor I completed mediation training and taught as a guest lecturer on complex organizations at Capitol Law School. I have completed the Title IV training of ECUSA.

I have excellent training for this position and I am skilled at listening without prejudging. Although I hope never to have to use these skills while in office 🙂 I believe that that training has given me the wisdom to function well if called upon. After prayerful consideration, I believe this is an appropriate place for me to use my skills.