Lissa Barker

Lissa Barker

Lissa Barker 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Elizabeth (Lissa) Barker

St. Patrick’s, Dublin

Nominee for Standing Committee

I have been an active Episcopalian most of my life. After I retired from a 36 year career in the US Navy, my husband, Roy and I moved to Dublin and I took a position as Director of the Masters’ programs at The Ohio State University College of Nursing where I served from 2003-2018. I am a Parish Nurse, a choir member, a Stephen Minister, a Delegate to Diocesan convention and an EFM Mentor at St. Patrick’s, Dublin. In Diocesan work I have been a member of the Procter Board as 1st Vice President and on Diocesan Council as 2nd Vice President. I am also a Deputy to General Convention and a member of the Regional Disciplinary Board. I am active in as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, a Fellow in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and a Fellow of the American Academy of Practice. I have served on multiple health and medical missions to many foreign countries.

I have a strong background in health, wellness and administration. It is my strong belief that I should be very intentional about living out the Baptismal Vows that I confirmed when I was old enough to take that responsibility. I have been responsive to those vows by seeking to serve Christ, respecting dignity in ALL persons and striving for justice and peace.
The Standing Committee has responsibility for helping, along with the Bishop, to lead the Diocese in these paths. Standing Committee has excellent and positive representation from the Cincinnati area. It is important to have representation from other sections of the Diocese as well. Given that I am in Dublin, and my years spent in Appalachia during my period of Active Reserve Duty, I believe I am called to provide such regional representation for the Standing Committee.