Larry James

Larry James

Larry James 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Larry James

St. Barnabas, Montgomery

Nominee for Diocesan Council

Larry James, a long-time resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, has served on the inaugural Becoming Beloved Community (BBC) task force for the Episcopal Church’s Diocese of Southern Ohio (DSO) from November 2018 to December 2020. The task force was commissioned by the Bishop of Southern Ohio and charged with the task of laying a solid foundational base in support of the Church’s long-term commitment to 1) racial healing, reconciliation, and justice, 2) better care for God’s creation and, 3) evangelistically proclaiming the Good News, seeking, naming, and celebrating Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people, and inviting everyone to more.

He currently serves as one of two co-conveners of the DSO’s Becoming Beloved Community Leadership team, whose mission is to spearhead the Diocese’s efforts to commence and sustain a perpetual journey toward establishing and maintaining a comprehensive set of interrelated commitments and organizing efforts, designed to eradicate racial injustice, while growing a robust community of justice makers, healers, reconcilers, and promoters of better care for our planet. He comes to this ministry, as a representative of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Montgomery Ohio, where he has worshipped for over 30 years, serving twice on the vestry, as both junior warden and sr. warden.

His professional resume includes over 40 years of progressive corporate executive experience in marketing, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence, stretching across a wide range of for profit and non-profit industries, from consumer goods to healthcare. He now serves as President and COO of James River Holdings, (the parent company for several James family businesses) and, the President & CEO of CultureDrivers, (the parent company’s multicultural market optimization and executive coaching firm, serving both corporate and professional clientele). His role on the Becoming Beloved Community Leadership Team, has been to leverage his skills and experience to optimize diocesan-wide awareness of and interest in supporting the National Church’s Becoming Beloved Community Strategic Imperative.

I have been called to serve my parish and this Diocese in a number of grass roots programs and initiatives supporting our continued growth as a denomination in Greater Cincinnati and Montgomery in particular, where my parish resides. I am seeking to learn more about the Diocese itself, how it functions and how I can function better with this newfound knowledge. I have a particular passion for assisting my church and my diocese in the work of attracting and retaining more diverse members and serving those members with greater cultural awareness, sensitivity and competence. I also want to become a more effective two-way advocate and ambassador and connecting point between our diocese and our Becoming Beloved Community movement/strategic imperative, while attaining a broader perspective and understanding of all of various needs and concerns of the diocese as a whole. In short, I want to learn more, grow more and serve more comprehensively from where I am.