Larry Hayes

Larry Hayes

Larry Hayes 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Larry Hayes

Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

Nominee for Standing Committee

I have served as a lay member of Standing Committee for one 3-year term, serving in roles as Secretary, Vice President, and President.

Additionally I currently serve as a Clergy Transition Consultant, helping individual parishes conduct their search for their next Rector or Priest-in-Charge. That is a multi-month commitment to each parish, guiding them through the search process to the successful selection of their next clergy leader.

I was a church organist and choir director for 50+ years, and retired from those roles upon our move to Cincinnati in 2019.

I believe that God calls each of us to use our natural talents, gifts, and experiences to God’s greater glory. For me, I see an intersection between my gifts and the responsibilities of Standing Committee which serves as the bishop’s council of advice. I have a natural orientation to doing my homework – do the research and fact-finding work needed to understand the range of potential solutions to any opportunity or challenge, exactly the role of the Standing Committee. I have served in this role in my corporate employment, my self-employment, my work as a Clergy Transition Consultant, and in my previous work on Standing Committee. I bring a thorough 3-year sense of history to our current situation, the on-boarding of a Provisional Bishop, and the search for a new Diocesan Bishop. I am newly retired and I have the time, energy and commitment to serve in this role.