Jodie Emerson

Jodie Emerson

Jodie Emerson 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Jodie Emerson

St. Patrick’s, Dublin

Nominee for Procter Board of Directors
Please describe your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community

In addition to being the spouse of the rector, I am actively involved in the life of St. Pats. In the past year I have served on the leadership team for VBS, the women’s retreat, and our intergenerational ministries team. I am involved in Habitat for Humanity, serve at the fish fry, as a coffee hour host, help with our wigglers children’s ministry and serve as a lay reader.

This is my first year in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. This year I have attended the Pride Mass and marched in the Columbus Pride Parade with the diocese as well as attended Proctor Family Camp.

I have served as a teacher and educational administrator in public schools for the last 20 years. Currently, as the AVID Coordinator and as a Regional Support Specialist for Columbus City Schools, my main responsibilities are developing and leading professional learning to build teacher and principal capacity and self-efficacy as well as challenging gate keeping systems that track students and prevent access to rigorous coursework for students in priority schools. I am currently working on a doctorate in organizational leadership at Franklin University with my research focusing on identifying pitfalls in organizational systems that inhibit sustained academic success in urban school districts.

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

My definition of calling is where your gifts meet the world’s need at a given time and for a given purpose. I found my calling as an educator as well as my husband while serving as a camp counselor at Camp Mowana in Mansfield, Ohio. I have been a lifelong camp supporter and firmly believe that the veil between heaven and earth is thinner in places like Procter that are set apart for retreat, renewal and intentional community. While I have been attending and working with church camps and retreat centers for decades, this summer was my first Procter experience. Procter has a spirit that is palpable in the conversations I had with family campers that have been attending for years. I know the camp is set on rebuilding a highly trained staff focused on spreading the love of God to our youth of all ages and I know I have the skills to help achieve this mission.

I believe my professional experience paired with my passion for camping ministry and sharing the unconditional love of God with a word desperately in need of love and grace calls me to serve the Procter Board at this time. My interest in positively impacting the future of Procter is grounded in my kids. I want Procter to be their place of solace and friendship and where they experience the unconditional love and acceptance of God that I had growing up. The staffing struggles this past summer were evident to my kids who have high expectations of camping ministry. I served on camp staff for five years, with 4 years on leadership staff. I know what is needed to recruit and train a camp high quality camp staff and I have the desire to help.

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