Erica Hall

Erica Hall

Erica Hall 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
Erica Hall

St. Philip’s, Columbus

Nominee for Diocesan Council

I am an Episcopalian, born and raised in this diocese and baptized at St. Philip Episcopal Church – Columbus. The foundation of my formation as a Christian came from my parish, this diocese, and from the wider Episcopal Church. As a child, I attended VCC (Vine Cliff Camp); and the Peace School at St. Steven’s – Columbus. I was an acolyte in the Festival of Lights at St. Paul’s – Columbus; and participated in other local and diocesan children’s activities. Even as a youth, I was a co-founder of The Friends of St. Philip – a ministry that helps to serve meals at Friends of the Homeless – Columbus. This ministry continues today. My Christian formation continues into my middle and high school years. During middle school, I was a organizing member of St. Philip’s Junior Daughters of the King. In the 1990’s, I was a member of the Diocesan Youth Representation at an Episcopal Youth Event in Indiana and in the 1990’s – a member of the Union of Black Episcopalian Youth Presence at the 1997 General Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I remained active within my community of faith throughout my college years – residing in the Herbert Thompson Community House on the campus of the Ohio State University and maintaining my pledge at St. Philip’s. During this period, I was a speaker at the Union of Black Episcopalians Quinton E. Promo Leadership Summit in Florida.

As a young adult, I served on the National Design Team for E3 – the youth component of the 2006 General Convention held in Columbus, Ohio. I was elected to serve as an Alternate Deputy at that same convention. In 2018, I was awarded a diocesan grant to sponsor a Vocational Discernment Workshop in the Episcopal Church. The evaluations for the workshop were very positive and another workshop has been requested.

Previous parish service has included Vestry; Search Committee for a Rector; Acolyte Guild Director; and Director of Youth Ministries. Presently, I am active on the Vestry and various committees of the parish. I have served on the Regional Discernment Committee, and I am a member of the Union of Black Episcopalians.

I believe God has called me to service on Diocesan Council. For a long time, I have felt his direction to service in the wider church and I believe my election to Council will benefit the church in many ways. My presence on Council adds to the diversity of the group in several areas because of my connections with youth and young adults (especially college students); my advocacy for the socially and economically disadvantaged; and my continued interest in organizations promoting racial and economic equality and justice.

If elected, I promise to be prayerful in all decisions; to follow the supervising diocesan canon, and to be an active presence in the activities and functions of the Council.