Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The Rev. Bruce Smith

St. James, Columbus

Nominee for Procter Board of Directors

The Rev. Bruce Smith is seeking his 2nd term on the Procter Board of Directors. He serves on the Program Committee of the Procter Board.

Bruce serves as Priest Associate at St. James, Columbus where he has worshipped since retiring from St. Mark’s, Upper Arlington at the end of 2012.

Bruce serves as a Supply Priest in the Central Ohio. and has recently served as Extended Supply Priest for 2 congregations in the Columbus area.

Bruce coordinates the weekly Bible Buds meeting for Columbus area Episcopal Clergy, serves as a Mentor to new Clergy, and as one of the two convenors of the Chaplains to Retired Clergy and spouses. He is in his 3rd and last term on the Board of Bexley-Seabury Seminary Federation (Chicago). Bruce also serves as ½ of the Supreme Coordinating Committee of Episcopal Night at the Symphony for Episcopal churches in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Outside of the church, Bruce has been a member of the Columbus Metropolitan Club since 2013 ( and the Torch Club of Columbus since 2002 (

Bruce lives in the Clintonville section of Columbus with his wife Susan (a retired Presbyterian Pastor) and their dog Buddy (a Beagle mix). Buddy is not a church goer, preferring to vegetate on Sunday mornings in one of “his” chairs.

The Procter Center has been a very special place for me since I first spent time there in 1997. In those years I have been there many times for many different programs and I have watched Procter evolve and enhance its ministry to our diocese and the wider community over the years. I have been blessed to have joined the Board 3 years ago; half of that time during the pandemic. I am in awe of the Procter Staff and grateful to my fellow Board members as we guided Procter through these strange and unsettling times. For me, serving on the Procter Board is a matter of stewardship; using the gifts God has given me to help Procter thrive in an era of uncertainty in our Diocese and in the wider church. Those gifts include 22 years of business experience with AT&T and 21 years experience as ordained clergy.