Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The Rev. Ben Phillips

St. George’s, Dayton

Nominee for Standing Committee (Clergy)
Please describe your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community

I currently serve as the rector of St. George’s, and have been doing so for over twelve years. During this time St. George’s has been a stable and fruitful parish. I have been a clergy residency supervisor (2016-2019) and currently serve on the Mission Share Task Force (since 2018). I have sponsored numerous convention resolutions and projects all designed to benefit congregational renewal, revitalization, and new plants.

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

I believe my time serving in the diocese and my experience leading a congregation lends well to serving on the Standing Committee, especially during a time of bishop transition. I am passionate about congregational renewal and believe I have a lot of offer the people, parishes, and programs of Southern Ohio. I believe our next bishop will need the perspective of long-tenured, active clergy, and will benefit from working with a Standing Committee which has representation of clergy from the Dayton area.

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