Anne Warrington Wilson

Anne Warrington Wilson

Anne Warrington Wilson 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson

Grace Church, Cincinnati

Nominee for Trustee of the Church Foundation

I have served this diocese in ordained ministry since 1983, mostly as an Interim Rector or Priest-in-Charge. I am currently the long-term supply priest at Grace Church in Cincinnati. Since we are a small congregation this includes a bit of everything: preacher, teacher, pastor, yard work, building maintenance, etc.

During this time I have also served on the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses Board, Episcopal Retirement Services Board and committees, as well as the Diocesan Commissions on Liturgy and Music and Congregational Life.

I believe God called me through the person who first invited me to offer my name as a Trustee of the Church Foundation. I am running for another term because I care deeply about the spiritual and financial well being of our congregations in this diocese; with special affection for the smaller ones who struggle to maintain their buildings so that they can keep on serving the communities where they are.