Submitting resolutions

Submitting resolutions

Convention resolutions are one of the ways we do the practical work of our life together and express our love in action—thank you for participating and making your voice heard. Please follow the sample format, newly revised as of 2022! Resolutions intended for the 148th Diocesan Convention need to be submitted by October 5, 2022 to or by using the online form below.

If you are desiring for Diocesan Convention to pass a resolution to simply make a statement, e.g. to thank Convention hosts or to roundly condemn systemic racism, this is not a resolution but a memorial. Memorials are meant as “a vehicle for transmitting information to General [or Diocesan] Convention,” rather like a formal memo (see General Convention Guidelines) and are also meant to be rather rare, as Diocesan Convention needs to be able to follow up on the business we do together. However, you may follow a similar format to the resolution and read up about the purpose and requirements of memorials via the link noted above.

The Resolutions Committee will offer revision suggestions primarily related to form and effect within the next ten days as needed. Much more in-depth information regarding writing resolutions and their effects can be found here.

Blessings to you and your ministry,

The Resolutions Committee
The Rev. Alice Connor, chair
Jim Heathcote
The Rev. Gary Lubin
Edward Lasseigne
Darien McCoy
Canon Julie Murray, staff liaison

Please note:

  • Resolutions also may be presented from the floor but must receive two-thirds vote to be considered by delegates.
  • Hearings for the resolutions are held during the pre-convention meetings. This is the time when delegates can ask resolution sponsors questions about the proposal. There also is debate on the floor of convention, but this time is more rigid, guided by Roberts Rules and the convention’s Rules of Order.
  • You can see past resolutions on many issues here.

148th Convention Resolution submission

Please make sure to follow the revised sample format when filling out the fields. If you have any questions about writing your resolution, contact the Rev. Alice Connor.

"*" indicates required fields

Submitter's Name*
A brief and clear description of the subject of the resolution.
The text of the resolution contains an optional “whereas” section which answers the question “why this resolution?” and a required “resolved” section which includes one or more declarative statements detailing what the resolution does.
Further information, clarifying terminology and/or an expansion of the meaning and intent of the resolution. Ideally, the resolution text itself is as clear as possible about who it affects and what it intends to do. Additionally, a best practice is to research prior similar resolutions approved by our diocese, province, and/or General Convention and possibly reference them in this section.
Explain how passage of this resolution will enable us of the Diocese of Southern Ohio to embrace the calling God has set before us through the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Resolutions have more impact on congregations and the diocese when they have a specific ask. Please consider what specifically you want congregations or the diocese to do as a result of this resolution: that is, read a book, set aside funds, write letters, attend an event, etc. Include at least one clearly-articulated and actionable impact below.
Individual name(s) and church, committee, or commission.