Submitting resolutions

Submitting resolutions

Delegates may submit a resolution to diocesan convention asking for a particular stand on a public policy issue or adoption of a practice by congregations. Resolutions are canonically required be filed no later than 45 days before the start of convention for review by a resolutions committee. In 2021, this date is September 29. The resolutions are screened by the committee and then distributed to the diocese for consideration.

Resolutions also may be presented from the floor but must receive two-thirds vote to be considered by delegates.

Hearings for the resolutions are held during the pre-convention meetings. This is the time when delegates can ask resolution sponsors questions about the proposal. There also is debate on the floor of convention, but this time is more rigid, guided by Roberts Rules and the convention’s Rules of Order.

You can see past resolutions on many issues here.

If you have any questions about submitting a resolution, the chair of the Resolutions Committee is Jim Heathcote. You can contact Jim at

The deadline to submit a resolution for the 147th Annual Convention was September 29, 2021. According to our rules of order, to present your resolution from the floor will require a 2/3 vote of convention to consider.