R2022-04 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2022-04: Resolution to Cancel Mission Share Incentive Plan

Whereas, it has been determined by Diocesan Council that Resolution R2020-02: Mission Share Incentive Plan adopted by the 146th Diocesan Convention in 2020 has not substantially accomplished its goal of incentivizing congregations to provide their Parochial Report, Audit, Annual Reporting Form and monthly mission share remittal on a timely basis; and

Whereas, the Mission Share Incentive Plan was a three-year plan scheduled to terminate in 2023; and

Whereas, the implementation of the plan has been problematic by Diocesan Council to administer; therefore, be it

Resolved, that the 148th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio direct the Diocesan finance office to discontinue the Mission Share Incentive Plan effective January 1, 2023.


After a two-year trial of this mission share incentive plan, it has been apparent that it is not providing any meaningful incentive for congregations to file their required reports to the diocese on a timely basis.

The number of churches that Diocesan Council qualified for the incentive plan was 43 in 2021 rebating $70,221.06 to the parishes and in 2022 YTD only 21 currently qualify. Several of the churches were granted the incentives, although not strictly complying with the resolution requirements. It was the decision of Diocesan Council to allow those churches to receive the mission share rebate based on Council’s interpretation that a good faith effort had been made to comply.

It is the experience of Council that a personal contact with churches that appear to be missing the applicable deadlines is a more effective way to achieve compliance.


Financially, there is no impact on the 2024 budget except that funds do not need to be reserved to pay out the incentives. Thus, there will be more unrestricted funds for the Convention side of the 2024 budget. The 2023 budget includes reserved funds for the 2022 budget year incentive plan.

Operationally, Diocesan Council members will continue to monitor compliance reports from the finance department. A small group will contact congregations struggling with compliance by offering assistance and support to meet obligations. This approach has proven effective based on Council experience in the last year.

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