R2022-03 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2022-03: A Resolution to rescind Resolution 2017-05

Whereas, Resolution 2017-05 provided for alternating one- and two-day conventions of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, specified a preferred venue of parishes, and encouraged fiscally responsible budgeting, and

Whereas, it has been determined that no parish in the diocese (except Christ Church Cathedral) has the physical space, parking, and infrastructure necessary to accommodate the convention, and

Whereas, the advent of remote and hybrid technologies has opened up opportunities for rethinking future conventions; therefore be it

Resolved, that resolution R 2017-05 be rescinded; and be it further

Resolved, that location, manner, and duration of future sessions of diocesan convention, to be held at least once each year per Article III of The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, be determined by the Bishop and Standing Committee in consultation with Diocesan Council; and be it further

Resolved, that such diocesan convention be planned to be fiscally accessible to parishes, individuals, and the diocese, while meeting the canonical business requirements of convention as well as providing for the education, fellowship, and worship opportunities of the Body of Christ as gathered members of the diocese.


The Dispatch of Business Committee has requested Resolution 2017-05 be rescinded to allow for greater flexibility in planning future diocesan conventions. While the original resolution was well-intended, it placed specific requirements on Dispatch of Business that cannot be simultaneously met.

Our recent experiences with holding virtual and hybrid meetings throughout the diocese has demonstrated that there are mechanisms available to provide for a convention that accomplishes the necessary business, worship, education, and fellowship goals of convention while remaining mindful of expenses. Future conventions must be planned taking into account the financial impact of the event in order to minimize the impact of attendance on parishes, delegates, vendors, and the diocese.


Budgetary Impact: The actual budgetary impact cannot yet be predicted, but is anticipated to remain at or below average past costs, correcting for inflation.

Program Impact: Passage of this resolution will allow Dispatch of Business to plan annual conventions in the manner that best suits the particular needs of the diocese in any given year while remaining cognizant of the budgetary impact. The goal of this resolution is to keep the annual expenses for convention as low as reasonably possible. Similarly, it is intended to maintain the integrity of a vibrant convention experience for all participants.

Temporal impact: This resolution will take place immediately following passage.

Compliance impact: Diocesan Council will engage in a review of Annual Convention each year to provide guidance to the Bishop and Dispatch of Business.

Presented by

Diocesan Council (at request of Dispatch of Business Committee)

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