R2021-01 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2021-01: Change canonical designation of St. Paul’s, Logan, from mission to parish

WHEREAS, in accordance with Canon XVI, Section 17 (a), the Commission on Congregational Life has determined that the Mission of St. Paul’s, Logan, has maintained a regular schedule of weekly celebrations of public worship, has maintained an adequate level of ordained leadership, compensated in accordance with diocesan standards, has regularly paid its annual Diocesan Assessment, is servicing all legal debts, and consists of twenty or more persons from separate households in good standing; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that St. Paul’s, Logan, be received into union with the Diocesan Convention of Southern Ohio as a parish with two additional delegates to be seated with voice and vote.


St. Paul’s Mission, Logan, and the Commission on Congregational Life


After prayerful consideration and in consultation with the Commission on Congregational Life, St. Paul’s Episcopal Mission in Logan seeks to become a parish in its own right by this resolution at this convention per Canon 16.17.a. St. Paul’s Mission for the last three years has successfully accomplished:

  1. Celebration of public worship at least weekly (every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and every Sunday at 11a.m.)
  2. Maintenance of an adequate level of ordained leadership as approved by the Commission on Congregational Life. Such leadership shall be compensated in accordance with the minimum Diocesan standards. (has done since 2019)
  3. Payment of the Congregation’s full annual Diocesan assessment (paid monthly)
  4. Servicing all legal debts of the Parish. (the mission is currently debt free)
  5. Twenty (20) or more persons aged 18 years or older from at least twenty separate households as members in good standing. (22 different households call St. Paul’s their spiritual home).


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