R2011-05 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2011-05: Concerning the practice of high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking

Resolved, the 137th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio supports:

  • The efforts of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a comprehensive, transparent, peer-reviewed study of the impacts of natural gas on water resources and the life-cycle impacts of fracking fluids, and
  • A moratorium on high-risk, unconventional deep-shale gas drilling in Ohio until this study is completed and regulatory agencies have conducted a comprehensive review and revision of Ohio’s regulatory framework in relation to the new technologies of high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing;

and be it further

Resolved, this convention authorizes the Social Justice and Public Policy Commission to:

  • Organize educational opportunities about fracking (high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing) for people of the diocese and our communities;
  • Advocate on behalf of landowners who are vulnerable to coercive fracking lease tactics; and
  • Collaborate in advocacy with other dioceses where fracking is a practice;

and be it further

Resolved, this convention:

  • Communicate this resolution to the governor, Lt. governor and director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources of the state of Ohio; and encourage each congregation to communicate the same to their state legislators, and
  • Submit this resolution to the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church;

and be it further

Resolved, that this convention encourages the bishop, clergy, and lay members of the diocese to educate themselves about high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing as comprehensive, peer-reviewed scientific evidence becomes available.

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