R2011-04 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2011-04: Seeking peace and reconciliation and honoring the ministry of James Diamond

Resolved, that this 137th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio reminds the people of the diocese of our call to be peacemakers and reconcilers; and it invites the congregations to study and to implement ways to seek for peace in our communities, state, nation and world; and be it further

Resolved, that Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal be encouraged to apply his considerable knowledge of Christian ethics to guide the clergy and laity toward appropriate study materials for theological reflection on peacemaking and reconciliation; and be it further

Resolved, that there be a diocesan workshop in 2012 to bring together critical thinkers to help participants think strategically about how the church can strengthen her witness to the Prince of Peace and uphold ministries of reconciliation. This workshop shall be dedicated to the memory of the Very Rev. James Diamond.