R2006-05 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R2006-05: A resolution regarding relations with the United Methodist Church.

Resolved, that parish clergy be urged by this convention to seek out their Methodist neighbor to act upon the recommendations of the 75th General Convention. The General Convention requested that we “Encourage the development of common Christian life throughout our respective Churches by such means as the following: mutual prayer and mutual support, including parochial/congregational…covenants and agreements, common study of the Holy Scriptures, the histories and theological traditions of each Church, and the materials produced by The United Methodist-Episcopal Dialogue, joint programs of religious edu- cation, theological discussion, mission evangelism and social action, joint use of facilities;” and be it further

Resolved, that joint study be made of By Water and the Spirit and This Holy Mystery affirmed by the General Conference of UMC; and be it further

Resolved, that the Ordinary be urged to sponsor and/or initiate joint celebrations of the Holy Eucharist as permitted during the period of Interim Sharing of the Eucharist.