R-86-11: A resolution on AIDS

R-86-11: A resolution on AIDS

R-86-11: A resolution on AIDS 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Be it resolved, that the 112th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, in response to the tragic human suffering, loss of life, unjustified discrimination, estrangement and fear that have occurred as a result of the AIDS epidemic, reaffirm its love and compassion for all who are affected by and affiliated with AIDS; and

Be it further resolved, that this Convention request the Diocesan Council, the Regional Councils and the parishes to make response to the AIDS crisis a priority in their programming; and to that end, a Diocesan Task Force be established to continue the work begun by last convention and expand its scope, in support of the above groups with a budget of $10,000 the first year, to address at least the following priorities:

1) Education of the disease crisis through a high level seminar in 1987, establishment of a speakers bureau and distribution of pamphlets and brochures to the congregations.  AIDS is a preventable disease and information on how it is and is not contracted is critical to its prevention.

2) Coordination with public and private agencies engaged in care of persons with AIDS, ARC and those with positive HIV tests.  For example, availability of convalescent care beds is a crisis issue in AIDS care.  We believe it is important that Diocesan related health care agencies such as Children’s Hospital and Episcopal Retirement Homes, Inc. provide leadership in the state in making beds available.

3) In cooperation with appropriate ecumenical agencies, work to combat discrimination against those affected by AIDS and against the high risk population.

4) A report to the 1987 Convention by the Task Force on progress in addressing the above and other goals.

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