R-85-10 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

R-85-10: A resolution on opposing abuse and violence

Be it resolved, that this Diocese is committed to raising the awareness of Episcopalians and others in our communities about abuse and violence; to examining the effects of violence within ourselves and our institutions; to seek measures to oppose violence and to actively oppose violent behavior.

Be it further resolved, that the regions and congregations of this diocese work diligently to raise the consciousness of their members of violence in their lives and in the institutions of church and society, at the same time equipping them with understanding and strategies for identifying and opposing violence that will enable them to change attitudes and behaviors grounded in violence and destructive behavior.

Be it further resolved, that all parishes be urged to develop or utilize suitable Christian Education materials and/or programs which encourage victims of abuse (such as children, spouses and elderly) as well as the abusers to reveal and terminate the abuse.

Be it further resolved, that the Peace Initiatives Network be requested to assist in identifying available resources and educational programs which will further this work and to report back to the 1986 Diocesan Convention on progress made.

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