R-85-09: A resolution of Peace Study

R-85-09: A resolution of Peace Study

R-85-09: A resolution of Peace Study 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Be it resolved, that the Peace Initiatives Network (P.I.N.) be commended for its work in furthering the study and quest for world peace.

Be it further resolved, that P.I.N. be requested to receive all resolutions relating to peace issues passed by General Convention 1985 and to develop strategies whereby the various regions, congregations and individuals of this diocese may enter into critical study of the many documents relating to peacemaking recommended by General Convention, especially:

A) The 1984 and 1985 Task Force reports prepared by the Presiding Bishop’s delegation to Central America.

B) The report on “Deterrence” prepared by the Joint Commission on Peace.

C) The 1983 Roman Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter, “The Challenge of Peace.”

D) The 1985 study conducted by the Peace Committee of the Diocese of Washington, “The Nuclear Dilemma.”

And be it further resolved, that the 111th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio assure the President of the United States of its prayers for his forthcoming meeting with the leaders of the Soviet Union in November, with the intent that a relationship for world peace may be established;

And be it further resolved, that each congregation be asked to include prayer and advocacy for a successful summit in its liturgies on Sunday 17 November 1985.

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