Proposed 2018 Budget

Proposed 2018 Budget

Proposed 2018 Budget 750 499 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

The 2018 budget reflects the ministry and mission of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The task of developing the budget is given to the budget committee by Diocesan Council. The committee this year had a good mix of veteran and new members. The budget committee was faced with many challenges and opportunities in the development of the 2018 budget. One opportunity was in revising the budget application for 2018. The application required respondents to align their budget request with national church and diocesan goals. Additional analytic information was requested in this year’s application. These updates proved important in light of revenue projections for the upcoming year. One significant challenge in this year’s budget development was that mission share income decreased over $98,000 compared to the previous year. The chart below shows that under the new formula mission share income to the operating budget has been decreasing.

Although the budget for 2018 is much lower than the previous year the budget does include resources to move forward the ministry and mission initiatives of the diocese.


Formation is the diocese is expressed in various forms. The Procter Center hosts both summer camp and youth programs ($323,721). Other forms of formation which consist of clergy days, Church Next, worship leader training, lay preacher training, School for Diaconal Formation, and many other offerings are included in the budget ($51,363).


Parishes and Missions all benefit from the collective mission and ministry in the diocese. This support is experienced in many ways. Congregations receive direct support from commissions like COCL ($175,000 plus $200,000 from the WCProcter fund) and National and World Mission Commission ( $19,959). Most of the work done by diocesan staff is in support of congregations. From parish website design, facility appraisals, transition assistance, stewardship instruction, and convention organization to group property insurance, supply clergy list, and accounting, tax, and legal advice.


The annual budget includes money for both the diocesan ($35,000) and general ($20,000) convention. The diocesan convention annually receives 300+ delegates, 40 volunteers, 30 staff and many spouses/partners. This annual events budget pays for a convention style venue, internet access, on line voting software, meeting space, speakers, musicians, and chaplains. This budget also pays for housing for the convention committee and staff involved in the convention.


Every budget includes the cost of operations. For the diocesan budget this area includes staff, building maintenance, repair, and operations. Insurance, utilities, supplies, software, and professional development are included in this area. Communications, information technology, and finance are major back office functions of the diocesan operating budget. The budget includes increases for health benefits but includes no increases in staff salary.


This year’s budget includes the re-visioning of several ministries under one umbrella. The request came as the ministries realized they worked in similar areas and worked to accomplish similar goals. The budgetary consolidation was a natural evolution of the ministry work that takes place. The budgets of fresh expression, confluence and Brendan Crossing are all combined to reflect this joint ministry initiatives.


General convention set forward an annual request for funding from diocese. Southern Ohio consistently provides funding to DFMS at the budget amount required at general convention. The 2018 budget include the full ask from the church at $448,707.

The Convention or Mission Share budget totals $2,876,393 for fiscal year 2018. The total consolidated budget which includes the WCProcter fund totals $5,680,973. The full budget was adopted by diocesan council and is presented to convention for approval.

Harold Patrick
Chair, Budget Committee
Diocesan Council 2019

Download the proposed budget here2018 Consolidated Budget (revised)