Mike Krug

Mike Krug

Mike Krug 300 300 145th Convention

Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati

Please reflect on your participation in the life of your congregation, the diocese, and the larger community:

CONGREGATION: Member of Church of the Redeemer for 55 years. I love this community. Participating and then leading evolved as opportunities surfaced. Thanks to our annual Men’s Retreat I began to think of my efforts in the context of “bringing the Kingdom here and now”.

High points:

– Choir
– Sunday School Teacher
– Licensed Eucharistic Minister
– Partner with rector in developing lay leadership, and our Mutual Ministry Review process
– Chaired Search Committees: for Organist, Rector; Consultant for Associate Rector search
– Vestry: Clerk, Junior, and Senior Warden
– Stewardship: chaired capital campaign for 2005 expansion and renovation
– Co-Leader of Revival created by Redeemer and St. Andrews Church
– Introduced Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) to Cincinnati
– Led a small team that built our church Archives from scratch

DIOCESE: Our clergy have urged us to recognize that we are part of our diocese. As such we are called to volunteer time and talent on diocesan-wide priorities. My work in the diocese has been very interesting and compliments my practical faith development experience.

High Points:

– Under Bishop Black, co-developed with Lo Wooden a new ordination process, and led the clergy training session
– Co-trained and led two congregations through their search processes
– Under Bishop Thompson developed and implemented Mutual Ministry Review for the staff at 412
– Led the search for the 9th Bishop of Southern Ohio
– Secretary of the Standing Committee of the diocese
– Secretary of the Cathedral Chapter under the leadership of Dean Greenwell and Bishop Breidenthal

COMMUNITY: We are charged by God and our denomination to do good works outside our church community. Like many, I absorbed this from my parents beginning in grade school. Ministry to the aging and the homeless through affordable housing and IHN, incarcerated people and quality, affordable pre-school are all strongly linked to my faith

High Points:

– Episcopal Retirement Services: (Marjorie P. Lee, Deupree House, & Episcopal Home of Louisville, (with a total of 1000 residents)- plus – 28 Affordable Living Communities (with 1700 residents).
– Member of the Board of Trustees, and Chairman of the Board
– Led three-year Strategic plans in 1999, 2003, and the kickoff of the 2006 plan
– Vice-Chair of the Foundation Board; member of the Investment Committee, for many years, focusing on investment decisions and best use of our funds’ assets.
– Member/Leader of Fund Development Initiatives for Deupree House and Marjorie P. Lee
– Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC): Runs legal clinics and represents people who are denied rightful benefits, abused in prison, or treated unfairly when their cases come to trial. We also advocate for sensible laws at the city and state levels, covering rehabilitative services.
– Trained and supported fund development
– Led creation of their first three-year strategy
– Member and Vice Chair of the Board; informal counselor to chair and executive director
– Cincinnatus Association: civic organization for the betterment of the city through effective volunteering.
– Member for 50 years; Executive Committee

Why do you feel God is calling you to serve in this position?

I have a strong desire to serve our Episcopal Church at large. My education, career, church and diocesan experiences have built my knowledge and skills in the areas of financial management, strategic thinking, and creative outreach. I am drawn by my faith to uses these skills for building up those who are troubled, to help support our clergy and congregations, and push for systemic change in the world around us.