FAQs for the Special Session of the 146th Convention

FAQs for the Special Session of the 146th Convention

I am no longer able to serve as a lay delegate. What should I do?

Contact your clergy or warden and ask them to fill out a Change of Delegate form ASAP.

Why is there only one nominee for Provisional Bishop?

The process of nominating a candidate for Provisional Bishop must be done in consultation with the Presiding Bishop’s Office for Pastoral Development. Here is their explanation:

Experience has taught us that bishops are reluctant to be in an election with a colleague bishop, so the Standing Committee (and/or a locally-designated discernment committee) is supplied bishop names after consultation with the Presiding Bishop through the Bishop for Pastoral Development (Transition Minister for Bishops). Then one name is presented for election by the Diocesan Convention in much the same way that a Parish Search Committee nominates one person to be elected as Rector by a Vestry.

Why do we even need to vote?

Title III, Canon 13, Section 1 of The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church requires an action of convention to designate a Provisional Bishop. Therefore, the convention must act to name the nominee as Provisional Bishop and authorize them to exercise all the duties and offices of the bishop until a permanent Bishop Diocesan is elected to replace them.

How long will this take?

We anticipate that the business of the Special Session will be completed in about an hour.