Convention FAQs

Important dates and deadlines
(and answers to questions you may have about them)

August 10: Proposed Constitution or Canonical changes due (90 days prior)
    • It is requested that any proposed changes to the Constitution or Canons be presented 90 days prior to convention. Send proposed changes to chancellor Joe Dehner at
September 8, 2020: Constitution or Canonical changes deadline (60 days prior)
    • No proposed changes will be accepted after this date.
September 23: Nominations requested; Resolutions deadline (45 days prior)
    • Learn all the leadership positions and their responsibilities here. Self nominate using this form.
    • Submit resolutions using this form. After the deadline, you may present resolutions from the floor, but it will require 2/3 vote of Convention to consider it. (See Rules of Order)
October 23: Nominations deadline; Commission annual reports due
    • No nominations will be accepted after this date. Self nominate using this form.
    • Commissions that receive funds from the diocesan budget are expected to submit an annual report to Convention. These reports are included in the journal of convention. Submit the annual report using this form.
October 27: Pre-convention meeting and Nominee Forum, 7 p.m. via Zoom
    • All nominees are expected to participate in the Nominee Forum, which will be a part of the Pre-convention meeting on October 27.
    • All clergy and delegates are expected to participate in the Pre-convention meeting and Nominee Forum on October 27. The Zoom meeting will be recorded for those who have any time conflicts. Clergy and delegates not participating live are expected to view the video before convention
November 7: 146th annual convention, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. via Zoom

More questions

How do I report the lay delegates we elected?
    • Convention delegates are reported to the diocese on the Annual Reporting Form. Only reported delegates will be certified and issued voting credentials. If your congregation has not yet filed a 2020 Annual Reporting Form (due April 1) please do so ASAP.
How do I change a delegate?
How do I register for convention?
    • Registration for convention generally opens in mid-September and will close a few days before convention. Everyone who will attend convention needs to register for convention. Registering delegates to attend convention should not be confused with certifying your delegates. Certification simply applies to issuing voting credentials to individuals elected, but registration lets us know exactly who will be attending. No one is automatically registered for convention just because they are a delegate. Even the bishop has to register!
I’m nervous about this virtual convention. What if I don’t have a computer or a smartphone or tablet? Will I still be able to participate?
    • Church delegations should begin talking now about which of their members may have trouble with participating in the Zoom pre-convention meeting and convention due to access to equipment or high speed internet. If any of your members have any challenges to full participation that you cannot work together to address, contact the bishop’s staff by clicking on the big red HELP button on the homepage. Staff members will work one on one with any individual delegate to ensure their ability to participate.
    • Bishop’s staff members will be available for several practice webinars leading up to the pre-convention meeting and the convention.
      Wednesday, October 14, 12 p.m.
      Monday, October 19, 7 p.m.
      Anyone who would like to view or participate in the pre-Convention meeting or Convention is encouraged to attend one of the practice sessions. Pre-registration is required. Register for any of the sessions by clicking the dates above.