Dinner in the neighborhood

Dinner in the neighborhood

Dinner in the neighborhood 750 510 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

And now, for something completely different – on Friday, instead of a banquet, we are encouraging people to get out into the neighborhood in small groups and have “Dinner in the Neighborhood.” In addition to a choice of many downtown restaurants, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about some of the different ministry programs around Cincinnati and eat dinner in their neighborhoods.

Participation in Dinner in the Neighborhood is completely optional, but you won’t want to miss out on the fun! You may have chosen a location on your registration, or maybe you didn’t. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Connections Center on Thursday evening and throughout the day on Friday if you want to sign up or change your mind. You are responsible for paying for your own meal. Restaurants have been marked with price points. Our hosted dinners would appreciate a $20 donation.


Hosted dinners

For these dinners, you will need to carpool to get there. Groups will meet up with a representative for each dinner at the Friday evening reception to arrange for rides.

Church of the Advent – FULL FOR DINNER

Located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati a few minutes from Downtown, Church of the Advent and their Open Door Ministries engages their local community by providing daily meals, a food pantry and a renowned payee program. Here you will enjoy a delicious community dinner at Advent with members of the Walnut Hills community and our strong ecumenical organization. (2366 Kemper Ln., 3 miles from downtown)

St. James, Westwood

Located on Cincinnati’s west side, St. James interacts with their neighborhood in many ways. They are very visible at many community events and work closely with a local civic organization to host several community events each year at the church. One favorite event is a “Pop Up Beer Garden,” where the community gathers and enjoys food and drink from local establishments and food truck vendors. Here you will enjoy a “mini” Pop-Up Beer garden with our partners and friends. (3207 Montana Ave., 9 miles from downtown)

Gabriel’s Place

Located in the “food desert” of Avondale, witness their urban farming and ministries of training chefs and teaching nutritional and spiritual nourishment. Enjoy dinner prepared by Chef Michael in the Gabriel’s Place kitchen. (3618 Reading Rd., 5 miles from downtown)

Tikkun Farm

Located in Mt. Healthy, Tikkun Farm has a ministry of healing, restoring and repairing. They provide land to Bhutanese refugee farmers and offer after-school cooking programs. Tikkun Farm touches their neighborhood in many ways. Enjoy a meal cooked right on premises. (7941 Elizabeth St., 17 miles from downtown)

Church of the Redeemer

You won’t actually be going to Hyde Park, or Church of the Redeemer, but their rector, Philip DeVaul, will take a group to Eli’s BBQ, just a short drive from downtown. You can talk to him about Redeemer’s many ministries while enjoying food from one of the best BBQ places in the nation as ranked by Business Insider. (3313 Riverside Dr., 5 miles from downtown)

These dinners are located a short distance from the Hyatt. Meet up with a representative from the group at the reception to walk (or Uber) together.

Latino Ministry

Gather for traditional Mexican food at Taqueria Mercado ($). This group will be hosted by our Latino Ministry and led by the Rev. Maggie Foote. (100 E 8th St., 0.5 miles from the Hyatt)

Youth ministry

Andrea Foote, Director of Camp and Youth Ministry at Procter Center, will host a dinner at Pies & Pints ($$). Join Andrea for fellowship and community building, and to discuss youth in your communities and how Procter can support your ministry with and for youth and families. (56 W Freedom Way, 0.4 miles from Hyatt)



These restaurants are within walking distance from the Hyatt. Meet up at the reception to walk together.

Maplewood ($$)

A west coast café in the heart of Cincinnati’s urban core. (525 Race St., 0.1 miles from the Hyatt)

Via Vite ($$$)

Upscale Italian, located just steps from the Hyatt on Fountain Square. (520 Vine St., 0.2 miles from Hyatt)

Rock Bottom Brewery ($$)

Fun food and drink on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. (10 Fountain Square, 0.3 miles from Hyatt)

Corner Bistro ($)

A new Asian bar and restaurant located downtown. (307 Sycamore St., 0.5 miles from Hyatt)

Moerlein Lager House ($$$)

A working microbrewery, located in the Banks, with food reminiscent of Cincinnati’s celebrated 19th century beer gardens. (115 Joe Nuxhall Way, 0.7 miles from the Hyatt)

Nicholson’s ($$)

Fine food and drink in a genuine Scottish tavern setting. (625 Walnut St., 0.4 miles from the Hyatt)

Skyline Chili ($)

Some people love it, some people hate it, but this chili is uniquely Cincinnati!  (643 Vine St. 0.3 miles from the Hyatt)

You’ll want to Uber or take the Cincinnati Bell Connector (streetcar) to get to Over the Rhine. Meet up at the reception to ride together.

Krueger’s Tavern ($)

Burgers and sausage in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood. (1211 Vine St.)

The Anchor ($$$)

Oyster bar overlooking Over the Rhine’s beautiful Washington Park. (1401 Race St.)

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