Convention Offering

The 146th Convention offering will be contributed to Episcopal Community Ministries (ECM), the outreach arm of the Diocese of Southern Ohio.  ECM directs the generous donations of fellow Episcopalians from across our diocese to outward looking ministries focusing on social justice issues such as food insecurity, emergency assistance, and life skills education for at-risk youth.  Local congregations are in the best position to understand and address the needs of their neighbors, so each outreach ministry administers their own grant funds to best serve their own community. ECM strives to facilitate funding for people on the front lines doing this essential work, whether it be running a drive-by food pantry or creating gardening program to supply local foodbanks and empower community members to raise their own fresh vegetables. One hundred percent of every donation goes to local ministries.

People are turning in every growing numbers to the Episcopal churches they can count on to provide both physical and physical sustenance. Churches in the hardest hit areas often have the least resources.  As the Rev. Dr. Ellen Cook, ECM chair, writes,

What can we do when the needs are so great, and our resources seem so limited by comparison? The answer is that we join hands with fellow Christians to do what we can, and God will join hands with us to make miracles happen.

Join hands with us to make miracles happen in communities across Southern Ohio.

Help our outreach ministries help their neighbors in need.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
… It’s a reason to hope.

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