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Convention Journal archives from 2002 until present. Journals prior to 2002 are not available online. Contact our diocesan archivist, theĀ Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson, for information in any previous journal.

147th Journal (2021)

146th Journal (2020)

includes July 17, 2021 Special Session

145th Journal (2019)

144th Journal (2018)

143rd Journal (2017)

142nd Journal (2016)

141st Journal (2015)

140th Journal (2014)

139th Journal (2013)

138th Journal (2012)

137th Journal (2011)

136th Journal (2010)

135th Journal (2009)

134th Journal (2008)

133rd Journal (2007)

132nd Journal (2006)

131st Journal (2005)

130th Journal (2004)

129th Journal (2003)

128th Journal (2002)

Actions of Convention

The Annual Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio has spoken on a variety of topics. See relative resolutions passed by convention by clicking on any topic.

Note: This section is still under construction. All resolutions may not yet appear.