Consent Agenda

The filing of a consent agenda before a legislative body is the practice of combining routine business and reports that require action into a single agenda item as a time-saving measure. All the business on a consent agenda is then approved in one action rather than taking the time to file them separately. It is important to note that any clergy or lay delegate may request that an item be moved off the consent agenda and placed back on to the main agenda.

Consent Agenda for the 146th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio
Saturday, November 7, 2020
  1. Rules of Order
  2. Supplemental Rules of Order
  3. Convention Agenda
  4. Granting Credentials
  5. Appointment of officers of convention
  6. Ratification by name of canonically required appointments
  7. Approval of Annual Commission Reports
  8. Approval of Minutes of the 145th Annual Convention