Combating Islamophobia: A lecture and workshop for clergy and lay leaders

Combating Islamophobia: A lecture and workshop for clergy and lay leaders

Combating Islamophobia: A lecture and workshop for clergy and lay leaders 750 500 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

One of the great challenges of our times is understanding unfamiliar religious traditions in the context of a violent and fearful world. Today, there is widespread fear and bigotry directed at Muslims.

The Ecumenical and Inter-religious Council of Advice of the Diocese of Southern Ohio will offer a combination lecture/workshop with Dr. Todd Green on Friday, November 11 from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m. Green will help us to explore the background, causes of bigotry and fear of Islam and Muslims, and present modes of addressing Islamophobia in our own communities.

Clergy and lay leaders have a special role to play to counter false witness and to build ties between religious groups in our communities. We need to be informed about Islam and Islamophobia so that we can respond to questions and concerns within our churches and communities.  We need access to resources that build our awareness of Muslims as neighbors and fellow citizens, and not simply as terrorists. This includes underreported works of Muslims who speak and act against terrorism. We need strategies to be agents of change in building bridges in our own communities between local religious and civic groups.

The event will be held at the Grand Pavilion at the Crowne Plaza North – Worthington Hotel (the same venue as diocesan convention), located at 6500 Doubletree Ave. There is no cost to attend.

For planning purposes, please sign up for this event through diocesan convention registration. You do NOT need to attend the convention to attend the workshop.

For more information, please contact the Rev. Jennifer Oldstone-Moore at or the Rev. Canon Manoj M. Zacharia at


Todd GreenDr. Todd Green teaches European and American religious history and interfaith dialogue at Luther College in Decorah, IA.  A dedicated public intellectual, Green has written widely on Islamophobia—its causes, costs, and dangers—and his views on Islam and Islamophobia have been cited by organizations including the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for American Progress, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Green blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets, including CNN, NPR, Al Jazeera, France 24, and Reuters.