Certified Lay Delegates

Certified Lay Delegates

Certified Lay Delegates 1183 887 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Congregations are canonically required (see Canon III, Section 5) to submit a Certificate of Election of Lay Delegates as soon as possible after they have been chosen at your annual meeting. (Clergy delegates do not need to be certified, they receive voting credentials on the basis of their canonical residency in the diocese).

This certificate does not register the delegates for convention; it is simply to let the convention planners know who was elected to the position of convention delegate from your congregation for communication purposes.

Use the form below to certify your delegates, or here is a direct link if the form does not appear on your screen.

If you need to check to see if your delegates are certified, click here

If you already certified delegates but need to make a change, use a Change of Delegate form.

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