144th Convention wrap-up

The 144th annual convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio was held Saturday, Nov. 3 at Procter Center. Here are the actions of the convention: Resolutions R2018-01: Dissolve the Union between St. Andrew’s... READ MORE

Clergy Transitions since last convention

Ordained as deacon The Rev. Jason Oden; serving residency at St. Barnabas, Montgomery Ordained as priest The Rev. Charles Graves IV; serving residency at Church of the Advent, Walnut Hills (Cincinnati) Th... READ MORE

General information

The 144th annual convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio will be held at the Procter Center November 3, 2018. Pre-convention meeting If you were unable to attend the pre-convention hearing that took plac... READ MORE

Consent agenda

The filing of a consent agenda before a legislative body is a practice of combining routine business and reports that require action into a single agenda item. All the business on a consent agenda is then appro... READ MORE


PRE-CONVENTION: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 1:00 p.m. Exhibitors set up in Bishop Thompson room 2:00 p.m. DOB meeting  4:30 p.m. Exhibits open 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Early check-in & onsite registration 6:30 ... READ MORE

2019 Budget

The 2019 budget was developed with a focus on Becoming Beloved Community. The Budget Committee revised its budget application in anticipation of the diocese and General Convention adopting these principals. The... READ MORE