2017-05: A resolution to change annual convention

2017-05: A resolution to change annual convention

2017-05: A resolution to change annual convention 150 150 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Resolved, that the Diocese of Southern Ohio will meet in a one-day convention every other year beginning in 2018. In odd numbered years the convention may meet for two days, but in no case, shall it begin before 12 p.m. on the first day; and be it further

Resolved, that all Diocesan Conventions be held in parish churches or other venues which do not require meal or rental fees; and be it further

Resolved, that Diocesan Convention encourage delegates to bring their own meals or arrange the venues where meals are readily available at a reasonable price.


Over the years many of us have suggested that we should re-think how and where we conduct our conventions. A large parish church could hold the delegates. A one-day convention would not require overnight accommodations at $122 or more per person/per night. The early start to this year’s convention will require some to spend two nights in a hotel. $60/person for meals will result in an extra $300 for a priest and 4 lay delegates.

There is an emphasis on connections to the neighborhood. What about connections to the congregations and delegates? Some wealthier congregations can pay the delegate expenses. Others, by necessity, require delegates to pay their own way. So that demands that no poor people or folk without the discretionary money participate.

Start time is significant. It is difficult for many from the wider diocese to drive in heavy urban traffic. A noon start time is to be preferred both for safety and convenience. 9 am start times necessitate travel during rush hour or expensive additional overnight stays.

Impact on budget

Great impact on congregational, diocesan, and individual budgets by reducing costs.

Impact on people

For many, a two-day Diocesan Convention requires a day off from work. Again, for poor or low-income people, this is a disqualifier for participation in the larger life of the church.

Presented by

The Rev. John Paddock
Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton

The Rev. Steve Cuff
All Saints Episcopal Church, Portsmouth

The Rev. Ben Speare-Hardy
St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Dayton

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