147th Convention Agenda

147th Annual Convention Draft Agenda
9:00 a.m. Morning Prayer
  Becoming Beloved Community Vision Story
  Call to Order
  Opening remarks, technology overview
  First Credentials Report
  Introduction of R2021-01
  Voting on R2021-01 (ballot open 20 minutes)
  Second Credentials Report
  Present/approve Consent Agenda
  Report of the Nominating Committee/Introduction of Nominees
  First Ballot (ballot open for 20 minutes)
  Bishop’s Address
  Third Credentials Report
  First Ballot results
12 p.m. Break for lunch
  Second ballot opens (if needed; open for 20 minutes)
1 p.m. Convention called back to order
  Second ballot results (if needed)
  Introduction of Resolutions R2021-02 through 06; discussion
  Vote on Resolutions R2021-02 – 06 and Third Ballot (if needed) (voting open for 20 minutes)
  Trustees Report
  Results of voting on Resolutions, Third Ballot (if needed)
  Treasurer’s Report
  Budget Resolutions, discussion and vote
  Courtesy Resolutions
  Announcement on 148th Annual Convention
  Closing Prayer
3 p.m. Adjourn