147th Consent Agenda

147th Draft Consent Agenda

The filing of a consent agenda before a legislative body is the practice of combining routine business and reports that require action into a single agenda item as a time-saving measure. All the business on a consent agenda is then approved in one action rather than taking the time to file them separately.

It is important to note that any clergy or lay delegate may request that an item be moved off the consent agenda and placed back on to the main agenda.

  1. Rules of Order
  2. Supplemental Rules of Order for Virtual Meeting
  3. Convention Agenda
  4. Granting Credentials
    1. In addition to those already granted seat and voice by the Constitution of the diocese, the Chair of the Committee on Credentials moves that this 147th Convention admit with seat and voice the following individuals: the Sisters of the Community of the Transfiguration; all non-canonically resident clergy licensed to officiate; and the lay members of diocesan staff.
    2. Article VI, Section I of the Constitution gives seat and voice to several named people, namely Lay Members of the Standing Committee and Diocesan Council, the Lay Deputies to General Convention, the Lay Trustees of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, the Chancellor, the Treasurer of the Diocese and the members of the Executive Board of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese.
    3. These people automatically have seat and voice. The Chair of the Committee on Credentials therefore moves the aforementioned guests be given seat and voice at this Convention.
  5. Appointment of officers of convention
    1. Convention secretary: Ann Sabo
      Recording Secretary: Sherri Martin
      Dispatch of Business: The Rev. Canon John Johanssen
      Timekeeper: Ann Sabo
      Parliamentarian: Eric Landen, Esq.
      Chief Teller: Julie Murray
      Committee to Approve the Minutes: President of the Trustees of the Diocese, (Jon Boss) President of the Standing Committee (Larry Hayes), and the First Vice-Chair of Diocesan Council (David Thomson).

  6. Ratification by name of canonically required appointments
    1. Treasurer: Robert Kranz
      Registrar: The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
      Provincial Synod Deputies and Alternate Deputies: The Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, Deborah Stokes-Wayne and Miriam McKenney, deputies; The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn and Harold Patrick, alternate deputies.
      Finance Committee: Nadya Richardson (chair); Bill Forbes, Carolyn Wilmesherr, Dot Yeager, Doug Langenfeld, Jeff Baldrige, Randy Young, Eddie deLagarde, John Harris, and Rob Krantz (Treasurer)
      Commission on Congregational Life (COCL) chair: The Rev. Seth Wymer
      Examining Chaplains: The Rev. Jackie Burns, the Rev. Mary Carson, the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, the Rev. Rick Incorvati, and the Rev. Joanna Leiserson
      Commission on Ministry: Class of 2022: Jermaine Carew; Class of 2023: Ann Cappelletti; Class of 2024: Barbara Bass, the Rev. Jed Dearing, the Rev. Jason Prati, the Rev. Stacey Sands, the Rev. Paul Scanlan, Ann Shuff

  7. Approval of Annual Commission Reports
  8. Approval of Minutes of the 146th Annual Convention and Special Convention