144th Convention wrap-up

144th Convention wrap-up

144th Convention wrap-up 750 359 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention
The 144th annual convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio was held Saturday, Nov. 3 at Procter Center. Here are the actions of the convention:


R2018-01: Dissolve the Union between St. Andrew’s, Dayton and the Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio PASSED
R2018-02: Funding for Church Planting PASSED
R2018-03: Becoming Beloved Community PASSED


Budget Committee, Lay: Patrick Hreachmark
Budget Committee, Clergy: none
Diocesan Council, Clergy: The Rev. Seth Wymer and the Rev. Bill Bales
Diocesan Council, Lay: Kathy Jose, Harold Patrick, Bill Ubbes (see results)
Disciplinary Board, Clergy: The Rev. Kevin Beesley
ECSF Board: David Jones, James Murray, Kimberly Nelson
Standing Committee, Clergy (3-yr term) The Rev. Phillip DeVaul
Standing Committee, Clergy (2-yr term) The Rev. Charles Graves IV (see results)
Standing Committee, Lay: Larry Hayes (see results)
Trustee of the Diocese (5-yr term): The Rev. David Pfaff
Trustee of the Diocese, Lay (1-yr term): Mike Krug
Trustee of the Church Foundation: The Rev. Sallie Schisler
Procter Board of Directors: The Rev. Bruce Smith (see results)
The convention also approved the minutes of the 143rd convention, accepted the 2018 annual reports of the diocesan committees and commissions and passed the 2019 Mission Share Budget.

Convention feedback

Did you attend the convention? We would love your feedback! Please take a moment and fill out our brief feedback form.

Convention Eucharist Offering

The total collected at the convention Eucharist was $2,760.60. This amount will be divided equally and donated to Episcopal Relief & Development for disaster relief, and Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.