143rd Convention recap

143rd Convention recap

143rd Convention recap 750 386 Diocese of Southern Ohio Annual Convention

Actions of the 143rd annual convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio

Elected by unanimous ballot:

Budget Committee
Cheryl Lyman, St. Philip’s, Columbus

Diocesan Council, Clergy
The Rev. Sallie Schisler, Christ Church, Ironton
The Rev. AJ Stack, St. Peter’s, Gallipolis

Episcopal Community Services Board
The Rev. Ellen Cook, St. Timothy’s, Cincinnati
The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte, Trinity, Hamilton
The Rev. Lee Anne Reat, St. John’s, Franklinton

Standing Committee, Lay
Cathy Bagot, Trinity, Newark

Trustee of the Church Foundation
John Gustafson, St. Luke’s, Granville

Trustee of the Diocese
Emily Savors, St. Matthew’s, Westerville

Procter Board of Directors
Karen Ingraham, Christ Church, Xenia

Elected by electronic ballot

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Diocesan Council, Lay
Clifton Flemister, St. Matthew’s, Westerville
Melissa Shirley, St. Paul’s, Dayton
David Thomson, Christ Church Cathedral

Standing Committee, Clergy
The Rev. Lee Ann Reat, St. John’s, Franklinton


R2017-01: In Support of the Abolishment of the Death Penalty in Ohio     PASSED

R2017-02: Climate Change: Corporate Governance     PASSED

R2017-03: Repair America’s Safety Net     PASSED

R2017-04: Support of One Person, One Vote     PASSED

R2017-05: A Resolution to Change Annual Convention     PASSED

Submitted Friday, Nov. 10 and approved for consideration by 2/3 majority

R2017-06: Sexual Harassment Policy Review and Implementation of Specific Training Programs     PASSED


Exodus Convocation Direction Statement

The Direction Statement for the Future from the Exodus Convocation was accepted and approved by the 143rd convention.


2018 Budget

The Proposed 2018 Operating Budget was ratified by the 143rd convention.